​Bronze Aluminum Industrial Grade Beam

​Used for aluminum screen porch, sunrooms patio enclosures, and pool screen enclosure cage in Dallas

Screened porch lanai patio enclosure in Houston including a 250 radius thereof, provide a pleasant and comfortable outdoor environment where one may feel relaxed without being annoyed by insects. They expand the exterior patio area that is adjacent to the existing house, which provides a larger cover space. They provide year-around enjoyment, regardless of our Texas climate conditions. We engineer our screen rooms to withstand hurricane weather conditions while maximizing visibility. Our product is built by using panels that have a Texas & Florida product approval.

Trending are pool screen enclosure in Dallas, Texas. Some people refer to them as pool cages. They are one in the same. When facing heavy winds, they need to be designed to stand firm. Strong aluminum beams and engineering are used to tighten the roof bracing and special hardware is used to attach the enclosure to the concrete deck. We meet or exceed county codes in all our screen patio and pool enclosure projects and we are recognized for being very detail-oriented. Our philosophy is to build a strong, lasting product while keeping the engineering and design in balance with the landscape.

Aluminum screen porches and pergolas are growing in popularity because they last a long time and need almost no maintenance to continue looking good. Whether you are improving the appeal of an existing patio or converting a corner of your property into a cozy backyard retreat, our Aluminum Pergolas help to protect and enhance your home’s value by making your outdoor space more beautiful, comfortable, and inviting. You may also want to see our new Louvered Roof system that combines both options of a cover patio and an aluminum pergola.

Insulated roofs
The Elite insulated roofs are one of most the popular products we install.  They are typically used to provide cover to an exterior area or to create an insulated terrace.  The 3” insulated panels reduce the heat by up to 15% and are strong enough to walk on top, which is a big plus for home maintenance. The insulated roofs can be combined with superior design columns and skylights to provide an amazing outdoor space. Electric conduits can also be included inside of the roofs for placement of fans or lighting. You, your family, and your friends will be delighted to enjoy more time outdoors.

FDR Custom Enclosures, LLC Services include, but are not limited to: Screen Pool Enclosures (Pool Cages), Screen Rooms (Screened Lanai), Patio Enclosures, Greenhouses, Aviaries, Spa Enclosures, Detached Enclosures, Pergolas, Security Screen Doors and Entryways​​



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​White Aluminum Industrial Grade Beam

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  •  Freedom From Insects And Debris

Swimming Pool Enclosures are a great way to decrease the amount of maintenance that is required to keep your pool clean of debris. Screened pool enclosure cages in Houston plus a 250 radius thereof, keep lawn maintenance debris and vegetation debris from getting into your pool area.  Screened in Pool Enclosures also keep insects like flies, bees, and wasps from ruining your outdoor enjoyment. An enclosure will protect you from the mosquitoes too! You may even barbecue inside of your enclosure, as long as you keep sufficient space (approx. 2-3 feet) between the heat of the grill and the enclosure. Snakes?

  • High Quality

Thick vinyl-coated fiberglass screen is of a higher quality than most other screen materials. The heavy duty screen will stand up to high winds and blistering summer heat, all without sacrificing too much outward visibility. The extruded aluminum frame has a baked enamel that provides resistance against weathering, scratches, and deterioration caused by some chemicals.

  •  Add Retail Value To Your Home

Our enclosures are custom designed to fit any space and
shape. They can be designed to extend from a roof line,
a patio cover, or designed as a free standing pool enclosure. Pool enclosures are beautifully aesthetic,  and add value to your home.

• Custom Enclosures
FDR Custom Enclosures has over 30 years experience
building every roof type. Usually the roof style of the house determines the enclosure roof type, with Mansard being the most common.Designs by Frank can create a Mansard roof that transitions into an A-Frame roof type. 
We have 5 beam colors to choose from. For beams over 7 inches, sandstone, adobe, and ivory will have to be special ordered. Bronze and white come in all sizes, because they are the most used in the aluminum industry.​


Everybody listen up! We have to put a barrier between us and the snakes!" Samuel L. Jackson  Call Us for Your Screen Pool Enclosure!



​Screen Room/Enclosure Roof Types


​Transverse Gable or A-Frame

​Enclosure Roof Types

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Pool Screen Enclosure Cage in Dallas

Crucial elements to watch for regarding poor inground pool enclosures construction:

  • Thin Aluminum: What you save in money you lose in strength.
  • Lack of diagonal bracing: Lightweight enclosures can twist and break if they don't have enough bracing.
  • Weak or corroded screws: Watch for the use of rusty or corroded screws.
  • Improperly anchored support beams: Anchoring beams through pavers is not sturdy. Heavy winds can pull pavers free from their mount and sand base.
  • Long, insufficient supported beams: Contractors may use a "man with the span," an engineer who'll sign off on an enclosure designed with over-long beams that can't withstand high winds that can twist and break them.
  • Densely woven screens: Although great for keeping bugs out, they can catch too much wind.

Correct Enclosure Construction:

  • Brace House to handle wind loads from screen cage.
  • Use thicker beams and columns: The wind knows the difference.
  • Use "K" bracing or tension wires: They beef up the corners.
  • Properly anchor support beams: Beams should be secured directly to concrete footing - not pavers.
  • Have walls and top of cage braced with diagonals, even at expense of views. These cross braces counteract the twisting forces.
  • Use thick metal for angle brackets: Secure joints with multiples screws.

Are you looking for inground pool enclosures, sunrooms patio enclosures, and screened [ool enclosure cage in Dallas? You have found the right company!